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These courses have been developed by the Health Information Systems Program team in South Africa (HISP-SA) in collaboration with the South Africa National Department of Health (NDoH).

HISP-SA is a Non-Profit Company (NPC) that specialises in the development and maintenance of health information systems. We also support the development of people who work at all levels in the health system hierarchy, focusing on strengthening their health information management skills. In order to produce valid, reliable data and information required for decision-making and management purposes. HISP is an accredited Education and Training provider with the Health and Welfare SETA (HWSETA) (accreditation number: HW591PA149543).

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Funding is provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – Khuphukani Project. The Khuphukani Project was initiated as a program to provide technical assistance and build capacity of the South Africa National Department of Health and Provincial Departments of Health to strengthen the National and Provincial Departments of Health.


Free State Province Department of Health

We thank the Free State Province Department of Health for allowing its provincial data to be used for demonstration and training purposes. It is important to note that the data does not represent the current state of affairs in the province and therefore cannot be used to infer the quality of information or health care services provided by the Free State Province Department of Health.

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    Available courses

    The 2-year webDHIS Experts Programme will help to develop data management experts for South Africa's National Department of Health (NDoH) and provinces to expand use of the webDHIS and its data to support the best possible health strengthening decisions.

    Learn about daily data capture using the web-based District Health Information Software (webDHIS).

    In this course you will learn:

    1. Why the system exists
    2. Where your data comes from
    3. How to evaluate your data quality
    4. How to logon to webDHIS to capture data
    5. How to capture daily data
    6. How to validate that data
    7. How to submit the data
    8. How to capture and validate monthly data
    9. How to create a data set report for sign-off

    There will be activities and quizzes throughout the course to prepare you for your final assessment which will certify you as a qualified data capturer in webDHIS.

    This is an introduction to the webDHIS. This course has overlapping themes with the Daily Data webDHIS course. So one can do either course to learn the basics of webDHIS.

    In this course you will learn:

    1. Data Quality
    2. Features in the webDHIS
    3. Logon
    4. Data entry
    5. Data Information Window
    6. Submitting data for sign-off
    7. Producing a Validation Rule Analysis report
    8. Producing a Follow Up Analysis report